You can create peace everyday and make money as a mediator

You thought about a career in mediation but there is a problem…

Training is expensive

Nobody has shared a plan with you

There are few jobs in mediation

Lack of confidence in your abilities and skills

Fear of making a shift from my job

Dr. Randall Kinnison, aka Doctor Peace, has everything you need to gain the necessary skills and create a profitable private practice for a fraction of the cost of traditional education or capital needed to begin a business.

The 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training is the Foundation to Your New Career

This course is a hybrid between online and live training. The live training now has a physical or virtual option.

Your Plan to Create Peace and Make Money

Step 1: Get Started

Sign up and get going on the 40 hour Basic Mediation Training.

Step 2: Complete Training

Finish the Basic Training. Then, advanced training followed by training in your specialty.

Step 3: Succeed in Your Career

Finish all the Trainings and create peace for others while making money.

“The drive from out-of-state was long, but well worth the effort to attend Genesis Mediation’s elder care training.  Dr. Kinnison (Randy) provided a professional, comprehensive overview of the various aspects of elder care.  The information is useful for mediators; and, on a personal note, anyone caring for a family member or thinking about for their own aging process.  The most valuable aspect of this training was Dr. Kinnison’s (Randy’s) candid approach to building a collaborative, community-based mediation business, something rarely – if ever –discussed in other mediation training.  Invaluable!!”

Brenda Tominaga

Meet the Voice of Peace

Hello, I’m Dr. Randall Kinnison, aka Doctor Peace.  I founded Genesis Mediation in 2005 and my mission was simple – create more peace in the lives of others every day.  Since that beginning, the Genesis Team and I have created peace for thousands of people. My vision is creating peace for 3 million people by 2030.  I have over 35 years of experience and 10,000 hours in mediation, counseling, coaching, and consulting. I deeply understand the dynamics between couples and families, business and non-profits, and wherever conflict arises.  

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